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Company Overview


ASIA Invention Sdn Bhd is private trading company that supply engineering, metrology and instruments equipment located in Selangor, Malaysia. Our team had 15 years experienced in this field and  professional to understand customer needs, always trying to full fill those requirements in appropriate span of time with suitable

Summary of Primary Offering:  

  • Products                : Microscope, CNC Video Measuring System,CNC CMM, Portable Arms CMM, Measuring                                     Microscope, Profile Projector and 3D Laser Scanner. 


  • Vision                     : To become the most efficient engineering trading company in east Malaysia with the                                                emphasis on customer satisfaction and sustainable growth.


  • Mission statement : To make customer trust and satisfaction top priorities. To become a successful                                                          engineering, Metrology equipment supplier in central of east Malaysia to become a                                                  respected company for its customers.


  • Core values            : Professionalism care good support   


  • Goals                      : To become respectable solution and service provider in the field of engineering and                                                  metrology.

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